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Barlow, Mendham & Co.
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Barlow, Mendham & Co.

Traditional accounting and auditing services

We offer a comprehensive accounting service for sole traders, partnerships, companies, clubs and associations. We specialise in the area of small owner managed businesses over a broad range of business sectors. The firm has Registered Auditor status which enables us to provide audit services to those businesses that require an audit of their financial statements.

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New business advisory service

The last thing you need when you are starting out in business is to worry about what you should be doing on the administration front, but it is important. There are penalties for failing to notify the Crown Authorities within specified time limits and this is an area where we can be of immediate assistance. We can also advise you on a record keeping system appropriate to the size of your business and address any specific queries you have in relation to busines administration matters.

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Personal taxation and making tax returns

It is a common misconception that individuals only need to submit a tax return if they are sent one by the Inland Revenue. The self assessment system puts the onus firmly on the individual to notify the Revenue of the need to submit a return. We offer a quick and inexpensive service (from 100 plus v.a.t.) to prepare a tax return and calculate the tax you should be paying under self assessment. Following the completion of a return we will also advise you of the amount of any tax payable at each payment date.

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Small business taxation

In addition to the personal tax services outlined above we can assist you with your business taxation matters whether you operate as a sole trader, partnership or company.

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VAT and Payroll

VAT and payroll are subject to a high level of regulation and will certainly require you to spend significant amounts of time away from your core business activities. Our payroll and VAT departments will relieve you of much of the worry about preparing the necessary records and calculations, and are competitively priced. We keep you informed and work with you to minimise the risk of you doing something you shouldn't be, or not doing something you should.

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Capital Gains Tax

The rules surrounding this specialist area are complex. If you are in the position of disposing of assets that are subject to Capital Gains Tax it is important to seek advice at an early stage, preferably before the transaction has taken place.

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Company formation service

Forming a company is easy and inexpensive. It is even easier to get it all wrong, which could become expensive! We offer a comprehensive and professional company formation service that doesn't stop at the point where we hand over a set of statutory documents. If you need advice about what you are required to do in forming and running your company, then talk to us.

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